ACNE – Why Do You Have Breakouts?

  1. Food! – Indulgence in Spicy Famous Laksa or Fried Chickens!.
    Yes. We all heard it and couldn`t resist the sumptuous Laksa delicacies or the crunchy and bites of fried chickens of assorted flavours.  As the saying goes ‘What you eat are what you are`. So let’s put this into a realistic way.  Some changes on your face can be related to the types of food you consumer the most.  It throws off the skin’s PH level and trigger unwanted growth onto your face.
  2. Sleepless Night
    We have always been advised to have at least 8 hours of sleep no matter how stress. (Oh yes….we will talk about that later in section 3) and how busy we are. Realistically, deprivation of sleep can cause cortisol that leads to sebum secretion on our skin, which then result in Acne.  In fact, insulin resistance increase may also lead to Acne production because of the increase in sugar or glucose intake. So…sleep well everyone.
  3. Pore-Clogging Products
    New beauty products will launch every now and then and the beauty industry will never fade. Women will always want to look and feel good and nowadays, men do the same too. So Ladies & Gentlemen, please check the ingredients of the products.  Mineral Oil ,Petrolatum and some alcohol incorporated products can block the oxidation of your skin, thus allowing the growth of Acne onto your skin.
  4. Smoke and smoking…
    We do know how dangerous haze is to skin, smoke is to the skin and smoking is to the skin as well. So you see, you must be able to have a balance of heathy lifestyle and reduce the amount of smoking habits. The moment you lit up the cigarette, you decrease the amount of oxygen onto your skin and causes the breakdown of elastic that induces wrinkles and pore sizes. All these cause possible Acne breakout, if not, your ‘smoke’ affects other people’s condition as well!
  5. Stress…that little alarm button on your body..
    We all want a happy and work-life balance. However, work takes up more than a decade in our ‘live and death’ timeline and the amount of time that we spend the most is actually on working matters – trying to complete assignments on deadlines, asserting to bosses demands and the usual long working hours especially in Singapore.  Your skin will then produces cortisol that stimulates the oil glands and eventually, causes clogged pores and breakouts often.
  6. Your itchy hands
    Besides eye-movement, your hands utilization is one of the top body contacts. We use it to type on our computers, eat, wipe, clean, touch and sometimes unknowingly pad all the accumulated dirt on the skin causing unhygienic substance to ‘stick’ onto our face.  The super tiny bacteria will infest onto your skin and increases the chances of Acne popping out
Disclaimer: The material contained in this is for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. The content is not intended to be a substitute for doctor’s advice, diagnosis, or treatment.