Aging Skin – The How To Prevention

  1. Hot & Shiny Sun
    In Singapore, our climate and temperature year-long is always hot, reaching almost up to 35 degree Celsius island wide. When you spend your leisure time out of your home such as on vacation to beaches, sun-tan or running errands; make sure you use sunscreen of SPF 30 (or higher), but take note the higher the SPF, the more oily its gets into your skin. Wearing clothes that covers your body from top to feet might not be a good idea unless on certain customary or religious followings. But cover yourself well!
  2. Using too many facial products
    Some of us have a tendency to use different brands or products, primarily being attracted to the packaging or country of origin and perhaps the image of celebrity endorsement on certain beauty products.  Let’s have a deep thought for a few second…do you think its good for your skin to use tons of different facial products, do you know which one is bad for your skin? Are you sure your facial routine is a good one?. Each one of us have different skin types and the prolong use especially with repetitive routine may cause your skin to age faster than it is.
  3. Exercise
    Exercise is one of the best way to improve blood circulation and boosting immune system. This in turn may provide you with better skin appearance because of the amount o detoxification that you perform frequently.
  4. Eat a balanced diet
    Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables may help to prevent damages that lead to premature aging skin. Finding from research did suggest that increased intake in sugar or other carbohydrates might accelerate aging.
  5. Moisturizer
    In our hot and humid country, we tend to have dry skin as opposed to our counterparts in Europe or other colder countries.  Moisturizer stays onto our skin and thus giving us a more youthful appearance that will delay aging skin.  
  6. Visit a beauty salon
    You might be thinking, “OK, I’ve got no money to spend on this”. It will be the same predicament for everyone who will think a visit to beauty salon is not necessary or it’s too expensive. It doesn’t have to be that costly after all, aging is an on-going issues and it goes skin-deep and knowledge beyond our control. So a professional would be of ideal help as to how you go to a fitness or gym class, hoping to attain the great benefit for the exercise sessions.
Disclaimer: The material contained in this is for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. The content is not intended to be a substitute for doctor’s advice, diagnosis, or treatment.