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HOW DO YOU KNOW ITS PIGMENTATION ON YOUR SKIN? Let’s look into some of the common problems occurring in your skin that causes pigmentation! Age Spots Singapore’s yearly intense hot & humid weather is a killer to our skin! Prolonged sun exposure can cause our skin to react negatively by inducing the appearance of dark

ACNE – Why Do You Have Breakouts?

Food! – Indulgence in Spicy Famous Laksa or Fried Chickens!. Yes. We all heard it and couldn`t resist the sumptuous Laksa delicacies or the crunchy and bites of fried chickens of assorted flavours.  As the saying goes ‘What you eat are what you are`. So let’s put this into a realistic way.  Some changes on

VPL Treatment Singapore

There are different types of hair removal using cutting-edge technology embedded with intense pulse beaming light, one of them being VPL method. VPL Machine (Variable Pulse Light) Singapore VPL Machine (Variable Pulse Light) In Singapore, we are much more well-accustomed to IPL system than VPL. In fact, VPL is one type of IPL. It has