Freckles vs. Pigmentation and how to treat them!

Freckles vs. Pigmentation and how to treat them!

Freckles are a form of hyperpigmentation. Our skin and hair gets its colour from a pigment known as melanin. Everyone has pigmentation. People who produce more melanin have more tan skin and vice-versa. It’s natural, and the differences just make the world more beautiful!

(But no matter what your skin colour, protect yourself from harmful UV rays with SPF of at least 30!)

Now, Freckles!

As mention, freckles are a type of hyperpigmentation. People with them produce excess melanin that does not distribute evenly across the skin. This causes the little localised areas of discolouration known as freckles.

First, know that freckles are not harmful, nor do they indicate a health problem. They are simply flat, small pigment cells that is usually light brown in colour. Here’s where people go astray when it comes to these little spots: they think they are caused by sun damage. Not so. They’re genetic! They do, however, surface when the skin is exposed to the sun.

But have you ever seen a baby with freckles? They can have birthmarks and moles, but not freckles. This is because these melanin spots are darkened with sunlight exposure. This is why you’ll notice more prominent freckling during the summer.

However, you should always wear sun protection whether you have freckles or not. This will prevent worsening of the spots.

There is certainly nothing wrong with freckles; but if you would feel more comfortable and confidence with more even skin tone, you have an effective to pursue.

No.1 Pigmentation RemovalThis treatment is quick, easy and painless. A heat is applied to shatter the pigments so they can be naturally absorbed by your body’s lymphatic system. These fragments of pigments are then naturally removed by the body. Dark pigments start to rise and flake away from the skin’s surface. Dark pigments that have been removed are unlikely to return after your pigmentation treatments.