VPL Treatment Singapore

There are different types of hair removal using cutting-edge technology embedded with intense pulse beaming light, one of them being VPL method.

  • VPL Machine (Variable Pulse Light)

Singapore VPL Machine (Variable Pulse Light)

In Singapore, we are much more well-accustomed to IPL system than VPL. In fact, VPL is one type of IPL. It has its difference in the control of the intensity and length of the waves of light that VPL devices have. Ultra VPL deliver more than 400 wavelengths at varying pulse and can be customize to specific individual skin treatments and types to achieve better result. Therefore, such flexibility allows targeting areas deep into the skin to induce hair-removal onto our body.


….But take note, hair-removal is an on-going treatment and cannot be remove permanently via one-session only as to how some treatments are.  They must be repeated to produce hair-free solution as hair has a growth cycle and prolonged treatment will help to achieve ideal hair-free on our body.

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