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The 8-Medi non-surgical nose job is a safe and non-invasive alternative to the traditional rhinoplasty surgery. This is an excellent and affordable option for those who wants to enhance the shape of their nose instantly with minimal to no downtime or pain. The treatment is also known as the 15 minute nose job as it involves only dermal filler injections to reshape the nose and is used to correct a wide range of nose defects by reshaping, rebalancing or resizing it in harmony with the face.

Here at 8 Medi-Aesthetics, our use of dermal filler is delicate, never seeking to make you look different. Instead, we use dermal fillers to enhance your natural beauty and bring out the very best qualities of your face.


Step 1

The appropriate dermal filler will be applied through a series of injections.

Step 2

Each precisely placed injection is the result of extensive training and experience that our medical practitioner has.

Step 3

Our goal is to highlight the natural contours of your face while maintaining your basic appearance.

Step 4

The result is a naturally enhanced, higher nose bridge.


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