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As we age, our body changes and so does our skin. You might visibly notice the changes on your skin firmness, elasticity, appearance of wrinkles, age spots, dryness and roughness or even becomes thinner making you look pale. These are some of the signs of aging skin which does not limit to pigmentation spots. It could also be due to prolonged exposure to sun. This reaction causes our skin connective tissue to reduce the skin's ability to absorb as to how we used to.


  • PH Formula AGE Resurfacing Treatment
  • PH Formula AGE Resurfacing Top Up
  • P2x@ Power Diathermy Technology


Acne, or simply some of us may called it pimples or in scientific term - Acne vulgaris occurs when our skin are clogged with dead skin cells and oil blockages from the skin (sebum). The little red bump onto our face might occur frequently and may lead to scaring if not treated properly.


  • PH Formula Acne Resurfacing Treatment
  • PH Formula Acne Resurfacing Top Up
  • Acne Clearance using Premium Light Therapy
  • Salicyclic Acid Treatment
  • BHA Peel
  • Glycolic Peel


One of the most common problem is hyperpigmentation. It is patches of skin, usually harmless that causes our skin to become darker in colour than our normal causing imbalances on our skin tone. This darkening is cause by an excess production of melanin, the pigmentation that produces normal skin colour and forms deposit in the skin


  • PH Formula Acne Resurfacing Treatment
  • PH Formula Acne Resurfacing Top Up
  • Acne Clearance using Premium Light Therapy
  • Salicyclic Acid Treatment
  • DNA Snowy Solution anti-pigmentation

Dull & Dry Looking Skin (Skin Restoration)

Some factors that cause dull & dry looking skin may be related to our lifestyle such as the smoking, excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, dehydration, poor diet and even in an air-conditioned environment for long. This will usually trigger your skin to deprive of the much-needed oxygen and nutrients that is essential to hydrated skin. Sometimes, lack of exfoliation - extraction of dead skin cells may also cause dull and dry looking skin.


  • PH CR
  • Face Lifting
  • PH Radiance Booster (Vitamin C)
  • Biomaster R8 Renewal
  • DNA Radiance Solution

Skin Whitening

Skin whitening is a common treatment among Asian woman. It is by the work of reducing melanin. In our hot tropical weather in Singapore, we might not be able to sustain white luminous skin. That is the reason why we tend to have tanned skin.


  • Luminous Treatment Skin
  • Sothys W.Brightening Cosmeceutic Treatment


Our eyes are the soul of our wonders. Eye bags or wrinkles surrounding the eyes may look as if we have swells. Dark eye circles are a common problem mostly due to lack of sleep and eye nutrients. This would cause our face to look saggy. Our eyes indeed have a small portion of fat that is normally found within the surrounding areas and if it moves below the eye area, it will accumulate fluid and making the under-eye area appear puffy, swollen like a patch of dirt waiting for cleansing process.


  • Eye Detox Massage
  • RF Hot Stone Eye
  • Sothys Tri Action High Performance Eye Treatment
  • Indiba Eye Treatment

Eye Lift (10 years younger!)

Erase eye bags, wrinkles, puffiness and dark areas in an instant! An anti-aging neuropeptide combo which acts like Botulinum Toxin and Laser combines which erase traces of age-lines and whiten all dark areas. No needles, no pain and it gives you instantaneous results.


  • Deca-Minus Eye Lift

Cinderella Transformation!

Transform into a new you before and after with our 20 mins Combination Radiance Booster Treatment consisting of Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C leaving your face fairer, smoother and more glowing. Look better than before in this all in one treatment


  • Cinderella Transformation Special Treatment!


Hydro Deep Skin Booster is a skin rejuvenation treatment delivered by very soft micro-needles using hyaluronic acid and polysaccharides specially formulated by our team of medical professionals to promote the natural reproduction of collagen and elastin, hydrate the skin and minimize fine lines. The skin booster is placed below the surface of the skin where it can act best by attracting water for hydration and improving collagen production; making the skin smoother and tighter.



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