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Scalp Problem

Many people might have hair or scalp problem. Our hair may thin or fall out or sometimes it grows too slow causing us to not have a normal hair growth cycle. Itching, occurrence of dandruff may cause itchiness or peeling on the scalp will put us into an embarrassing situation and discomfort. The problem can be upsetting but it is usually not caused by serious medical problem. The root of our hair starts from a healthy scalp which serves as a foundation to handling better scalp issues before tackling into greater problems in hair loss.


  • Scalp Peeling Solutions
  • Deep Cleansing in Scalp

Hair Growth

Hair grows almost everywhere on our skin with the exception of palms on our hands and soles of our feet. Hairs may be so defined that they are virtually invisible. Scientifically, it is made up of protein called keratin that sits within the hair follicles on the outer layer of our skin. New hair cells will mushroom from the follicles and subsequently pushed the old cells out through the surface of our scalp. Average adult has about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs and may lose up to 100 of them each day especially in woman


  • Ginseng Energy with Micro-Roller

Anti Dandruff

A build up of sticky skin cells from the scape which shed itself as a clump of white flakes. It causes itchiness and hair losses if the problem persist for long due to constant scratch. Sometimes dandruff may be associated with unhealthy scalps or incorrect usage of hair products that stimulate the overreaction of skin cells within the scalp to counter react on the otherwise good benefit of it.


  • Hydro Clean Treatment

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